Bubble Shooter Game

Bubble shooter is a simple casual puzzle game. In the game, you will control the emitter to emit bubbles of different colours and connect the bubbles on the upper interface with the newly issued bubbles into three or more bubble groups to eliminate them. When your bubbles touch the emitter, the game is over.

Bubble shooter’s game features

You can see bubbles of different colours in the Bubble shooter game interface. All you need to do is control the launching pad to put bubbles of the same colour together and let them disappear. Of course, the game is not so simple. If you make a mistake, you may not set the direction well, and you will lose at once. Therefore, when playing Bubble shooter, you need to pay attention to the colours you can emit, and estimate in your mind where you can maximize your benefits and win more.

Other content of Bubble shooter

Here, you can set your game difficulty and choose the challenge you can control to compete. Because Bubble shooter is a casual game, at the same time, it is also challenging. You can play it thoroughly to kill your time and let you have a more exciting time.

In Bubble shooter, it is casual and entertaining. Launching bubbles can eliminate groups of bubbles with the same colour. Can you delete a large area with one bubble?  Logic puzzles enable you to expand your thinking. Through the knowledge and logic topics in the game, you will be able to give full play to your reasoning ability, hone your brain and bring problem-solving skills into your life.

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